Papa Louie 5

Welcome to Papa Louie 5, where you will play Hank and face off against dangerous food in the treacherous terrain of Muchmore. Rescue Papa Louie and all the customers to win this game!

How to play Papa Louie 5

Hank is a dedicated law enforcement officer. He discovered the crisis at Peak.

Hank must navigate the wild and unpredictable terrain of Muchmore to rescue captured passengers.

Hank and the rescued customers must fight off many dangerous food baddies. Fierce and formidable enemies inspired by different foods and ingredients.

Players can level up and upgrade their playable character, unlocking new abilities, weapons, and fighting techniques.

Cooperative gameplay: players can team up with rescued clients to tackle challenges and battles together.

Side quests

Explore and complete various missions in the vast Manymore environment.

These side quests can provide additional rewards, resources, and narrative elements to enrich the player's experience.

Are you ready to rescue Papa Louie and his customers from ferocious food criminals?



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