Papa's Freezeria

Are you ready to run an ice cream shop in the Papa's Freezeria game? It's summer time and what can be better than cold fresh sundaes? Papa's Freezeria is the fourth part of the Papa Louie series. The goal is to make sundaes for the customers!

Game Overview

  • Release date: August 5, 2011
  • Developer: Flipline Studios
  • Detail: Fourth game in the Papa's Games series
  • Platforms: PC, Mobile

How to play Papa's Freezeria

Manage an ice cream restaurant

The restaurant is set in the Calypso island. It's summer time and customers are coming to your restaurant to have delicious treats. Receive orders and make perfect ice cream. Craft frozen treats. Then add various toppings and syrups.

Each customer has different preferences for ice cream flavors as well as toppings. So make sure that you pay attention to detail. It is important to make accurate orders to earn more money.

To complete the orders, you have to move among different stations like Build Station and Topping Station.

For example, at the Build station, you have to pour the required ice cream flavor into the right cup size. At the Topping station, you need to add toppings and syrups to make the treat become more delicious. 

This game has a similar concept like Papa's Scooperia game.


When you earn points and tips for your performance, spend them to buy new ingredients, restaurant equipment, and decorations. This will enhance your performance and make the customers happier.


Play mini-games to earn rewards and achievements

Game Features

  • Colorful and lively graphics
  • Addictive cooking gameplay
  • Different ice cream flavors and toppings
  • Mini-games
  • Rewards and achievements

Papa's Freezeria is available to play online for free without Flash. It's a fantastic cooking game where players must make delicious frozen treats for customers. 


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