Papa's Sushiria

Papa's Sushiria is a restaurant and time-management game in which the goal is to prepare delicious sushi rolls to satisfy hungry customers. Become a chef at a sushi restaurant of Papa's Sushiria game now!

Game Overview

Release date: December 2016

Developer: Flipline Studios

Platforms: PC, Mobile

How to play Papa's Sushiria

Transform into a sushi chef at Papa's Sushi restaurant. You have to take orders and make sushis for the customers that come to the restaurant.

Take orders

When the customers arrive at the restaurant, they will head to the Counter to give orders. Note down the orders.

Prepare sushi rolls and tea

Head to different stations like Cook Station, Build Station, and Tea Station to complete the orders.

At the Cook Station, you will make the rice. There is a variety of rice including brown rice, white rice, shiso rice, and black rice. And then, in the Build station, you have to add different ingredients to the sushi rolls like lobster, salmon, and many other fillings, and toppings. Then, wrap it perfectly.

The final station is the Tea station. It's where you make bubble tea.

Once you've completed the order, serve it to the customers!

Be quick and precise! Don't let them wait for too long.


With the money you've earned through days, you can buy helpful upgrades to boost your performance. This will allow you to satisfy the customers and give better service!

For example, you can buy a cook booster to increase the rice cooking time. Or you can buy the milk auto-pour which helps deliver the correct amount of milk automatically.

Game Features

  • Sushi restaurant management game
  • Different fillings and toppings
  • Various mini-games
  • Different upgrades!

You can play Papa's Sushiria online for free. No Flash or download is required. Papa's Sushiria is a great installment in the Papa's Games series with a sushi restaurant concept. Papa's Scooperia is also another cool installment.

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