Papa Louie Night Hunt 3

Papa Louie Night Hunt 3 is one of the most popular games in the Papa's game series. you will help Papa Louie collect as many gold coins as possible to open a new restaurant.

How to play

Gold Coins: Collect gold coins to open new restaurants. Pay attention to hidden or hard-to-find areas to increase the number of coins obtained.

Weapons: Use the Z and X keys to attack monsters.

Different Levels: Each level has its own challenge, with different monsters and coins.

Note the symbols above the monster's head: These symbols indicate what action the monster will perform next.

Tips and strategies

Optimize gold coin collection: Always try to find and collect as many gold coins as possible at each level.

Use weapons and attack skills appropriately: Carefully observe the symbols on the monster's head to know what action they will take next. From there, choose the appropriate attack skill to deal with.

Be careful with obstacles: the game has many types of obstacles, from dynamic backgrounds, and moving obstacles to monsters.

Upgrade and improve: Use collected gold coins to upgrade your character's skills and equipment. This will help the characters become stronger and easily overcome challenges.


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