Papa's Paleteria

Papa's Paleteria is a cooking and restaurant game in the Papa Louie game series. You will take on the role of chef and paleta store manager. The goal is to create delicious palettes according to customers' requests.

How to play Papa's Paleteria

Receive orders from customers and record them according to their requests.

Choose from a variety of ice cream flavors and palettes.

Add toppings and sauces to create unique desserts for your customers.

Serve completed orders promptly to customers to earn tips and keep them satisfied.

Manage store finances; recruit and train new employees; upgrade devices to improve performance.

Complete challenges and receive rewards like new recipes, decorations, and upgrades.

Main function

Customize ice cream and pallets.

Time management, store management.

Unlock new stages, locations and customers.

Complete special missions and receive rewards.

Multiplayer mode and leaderboards.

Are you ready to build your own unique ice cream and pallet shop?


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