Papa's Rice Cakeria

Papa's Rice Cakeria is a cooking and restaurant game in the Papa Louie game series. You will prepare rice cakes and serve them to your regular customers. Collect coins to upgrade your store and attract fast-food-loving customers.

How to play Papa's Rice Cakeria

Choose the type of rice cake: white rice cake, brown rice cake, or black rice cake.

 Place rice cakes in a pot of boiling water and cook.

Make the filling: chicken, seafood, vegetables, mushrooms and place on cooked rice cakes.

Decorate rice cakes with spices, sauce and raw vegetables. Serve to customers and collect coins!

Tips and strategies

Quickly complete orders within the specified time.

Focus on orders with high scores.

Use ingredients that can be used for many different types of cakes.

This saves you time and increases productivity.

Practice regularly to improve your baking skills.

Pay attention to listen and remember the features that customers want. Correctly meeting the requirements will help you receive many bonus points.

Optimize operations and arrange materials scientifically.


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