Papa’s Sliceria

Papa's Sliceria is a cooking and restaurant game in the Papa's Games series where you will prepare delicious pizzas to serve to your customers. The game is set in the romantic town of Cannoli Cape.

How to play Papa’s Sliceria

In the game, you have to take on many different roles, from taking orders to making pizzas, serving them to customers, and upgrading your restaurant.

Make Pizza

Receive orders from customers.

Prepare ingredients, knead the dough, spread the sauce, and add toppings.
Bake and cut the pizza into perfect slices.
Pack and deliver pizza to customers.

Effective time management

Arrange work properly to increase efficiency and service speed. Your customers will become angry if they have to wait too long. Please make the correct order to receive the most money.

Make customers the most satisfied

Focus on the quality of ingredients and pizza dishes. Each customer will have a request for their order. Trying to get the order right, such as getting the right toppings and baking time, is a great way to get customer satisfaction.


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