Penguin Diner

Penguin Diner is a restaurant management game. You will take on the role of a penguin businessman who manages a restaurant in Antarctica.

How to play Penguin Diner

Welcoming and serving customers: Welcome guests and guide them to their seats. Takes orders, brings food and drinks.

Some typical dishes: Penguin's Burger; stir-fried noodles with seafood; fruit yogurt ice cream and pies,...

Collect tips: After serving, you will receive tips from customers. You can earn more money.

Wash dishes and clean up: After customers finish eating, you need to collect dishes and clean the table to be ready to serve the next customer.

Upgrade restaurant: Use earned money to upgrade the restaurant, buy more tables and chairs, upgrade equipment, and hire new employees.

Tips and strategies

Move continuously: Always click on the necessary positions to seat the penguin, record orders and serve food.

Track time: Make sure you've earned enough tips before the last customer leaves.

Upgrade when needed: Save your tips to upgrade your skates, TV or seat cushions.


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