Papa’s Canibalia

Papa’s Canibalia is for you if you are fans of Papa Louie games and especially love preparing meat dishes. The game takes place in a strange and scary canibalia world with special foods.

How to Play Papa's Canibalia

Choose one of the Papa characters to control and manage your store.

Receive and process orders from customers, including preparing ingredients, cooking and presenting dishes.

 Use tools and equipment in the shop to perform cooking processes quickly and efficiently.

Monitor the time, temperature and special requests of each order to ensure the dish is completed perfectly.

Keep customers happy by serving delicious food and on time.

Earn money, upgrade equipment and expand your store to meet growing customer demand.

Main function

Store management system: Receive and process orders effectively, while upgrading and expanding stores.

Food cooking gameplay: Use tools and equipment in the store to prepare, cook and present unique dishes.

Special customer requirements: Monitor and respond to each customer's unique requirements to ensure satisfaction.

Upgrade system: Earn money and use it to upgrade equipment, decorate and expand the store.


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