Papa's Cupcakes Cooking Game

Papa's Cupcakes Cooking is a cooking and restaurant game in the Papa Louie game series. you will experience managing and operating a cupcake shop. Meet customer requests and grow your business.

How to Play Papa's Cupcakes Cooking

You will play the role of a Papa employee, responsible for receiving and processing cupcake orders from customers.

Your mission: prepare ingredients, mix and bake cakes, and serve cupcakes as requested.

Use tools and equipment in the shop such as the oven to bake cakes.

Mixers and decorating tools to complete orders quickly and efficiently.

Remember to monitor the time, temperature of the cake and each customer's special requests.

Use money from serving orders to upgrade and expand the Cupcakes bakery.

Main feature

Cupcake shop management system.

Gameplay of preparing and decorating cupcakes.

Meets individual requirements for taste, size and decoration.

System upgrades and expansions.

Are you ready for an exciting cupcake bakery management experience at Papa's Cupcakes Cooking Game?



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